Project Summary

Hey thanks for checking my project out. This project allows Users to grocery shop and Admins to manage the items and grocery shop. Any comments or thoughts to help steer me into a jr web position would be greatly appreciated here

User Features
  • Add items to your personal cart
  • Two different ways to search for items
  • Update quantities in personal cart
  • Remove items from personal cart
  • Purchase items in your personal cart*
    ("Purchased" items are logged into the database along with the user purchasing the items, price and date.)
  • Valid emails will be sent password recoveries and receipts for any purchases made if either are attempted by the user
Admin Features
  • All User Features
  • Add/Edit/Delete Items
  • Add/Edit/Delete Types
Website Security
  • Unintended Url manipulation should not be possible
    *If you find any please let me know via LinkedIn!
  • Admins attempting to delete types that are in use will be denied
  • Admins attempting to delete items that exists in users shopping carts will be denied
  • Added https cert to raywebdev domain

Final Touches
  • This project does get breaks from being worked on from time to time, I'm human and also have a full time job
  • I have 2 API's in use, emailing with SendGrid and generating meals with random meals
  • Github for this project can be found here
  • I have lightly worked with vue to get a running example here for users and admins to add new items